We will come directly to your location & deliver quality service. Guaranteed.

Here at Prestige Auto Detailing, we have a passion for Cars, and we are dedicated to providing top quality services using top quality products. Whether you have a minivan daily driver to get the kids around or a million-dollar dream car we are well trained and set up to handle the job. We want you to enjoy the comfort of knowing your vehicle is in good hands and a safe environment.

At Prestige Auto Detailing, we bring the details to you.​

Give us a call or text or you can just shoot us an email and we will come to you or we will make arrangements to meet at a designated location. Then you can enjoy a clean & happy vehicle and you will feel the freshness of your car again!

Our Auto Detailing Services

Interior Detailing

Get that brand new car feeling with our basic interior detail or the upgraded interior detail which includes: vacuuming the entire car, surface cleaning, salt removal, shampoo floor mats & carpets, leather/fabric treatment, crystal clear windows & mirrors & removing bad odours

Exterior Detailing

Get that brand new car feeling with our intense exterior detailing range of services which includes: basic hand wash, wash and wax, ceramic coating, paint correction or if you wish to improve overall visibility & headlight illumination by restoring your headlights.

Why Choose Us?

At Prestige Auto Detailing, we only provide you with the best.

We understand how important your vehicle can be to you, and how an exterior scratch or an interior stain can affect your mood. We want you to be happy. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us.

  1. We are trained, experienced and very professional

We know how much you love your vehicle so we know what to do to keep that baby shining! Whether it is a simple interior detail or a wash & wax, we have worked with hundreds of cars of different brands and colors.

  1. We are mobile, we come to you!

You shouldn’t have to wait at the detailing place to get your car done, or worry about dropping off and picking up your vehicle. Mobile detailing brings the detailing to you. Whether it’s at your office or at your home, we get your vehicle detailed at your own convenience to fit with your busy schedule.

  1. We use only the safest and the best products.

We use only the safest and the best products & we promise that the quality of work is up to standards. We also are very careful to not cause more harm to your vehicle, than what has already been done. This includes but is not limited to: Using the softest brushes and microfibers, using Body-shop safe soaps and detergents, etc.